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There is a lot of information to digest in my services, and the choice to bring someone into your most vulnerable and sacred family unit is not a light one. I have answered some common questions you may be having. If there is anything here that doesn't answer your question please book a discovery call and I will happily answer anything else you are curious about.


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There is a growing fixation on independence in childhood and not enough on attachment, connection, and nurturing. While it is true that we want to help our children develop skills in independence, it is of the utmost importance for them to feel that they play a part in the collective (interconnection/interdependence).

We want to grow a flourishing ecosystem, not just a potted houseplant. We should always be mindful of developmental readiness, appropriate environments, and sensory overload. Most children are stretched far beyond their capacities in body, mind, and spirit.

If we set realistic expectations, we observe an ease and effortlessness that sets
the foundation for thriving health and wellbeing
 This soul-nourishment creates confident, capable, and creative children. Then, we can witness as the tiny seed sprouts and grows into a gorgeous wildflower, a tiny acorn into a grand oak.

If you resonate with the any of the following,
we may be an ideal match:


- You believe that NURTURING is the medicine that the world needs.
- You desire to parent from a heart-centered place, not driven by constant convenience.
- You are willing to except that we have a responsibility to care for ourselves, our families, your future lineage, which greatly affects the world at large. The health of the parents determines the health of the children which dictates the health of the planet. It is not your responsibility to heal everyone in your ancestry, but we can strive for reverent repairs. The best route to familial healing is by healing our relationships to ourselves, our children, the land and our respective communities.
- You understand that our goal is not limited to behavior management and there is no such thing as a perfect child nor parent. You are committed to self development without self-judgment (striving for self-compassion).
- You are open and willing to learn, grow and expand your beliefs and perspectives.
- You want to experience radical transformation and take personal responsibility for the effort it takes to make the shift, without putting all your eggs in one basket.
- You acknowledge that holistic means “whole” and have an appreciation of both science and spirit and value physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic intelligence as much as cognitive intelligence.
- You value yourself and family enough to invest your time, efforts and financial exchange.
- You are committed (with grace) to do the work.
- You are craving soul nourishment, real community, and would love to align with others who “get you" and could be considered kindred spirits.
- You consider yourself a sovereign thinker, a non-conformist and are able to contemplate freely, beyond the boundaries of mainstream culture and/or imposed traditional norms.
- You don’t buy into “hustle culture” or the need to start prepping your toddler for college.
- You value common sense and felt sense. You realize there is more to our health and wellbeing than is found in medical textbooks and what Western/allopathic medicine can pathologize.
- Ideally, you would choose meditation/mindfulness over medication. Or other natural forms of stress-management.

Questions you may be pondering


Who is this for?

My work centers parents/caregivers/teachers that consider themselves holistic (naturally) minded and follow approaches that are considered conscious, gentle, responsive, respectful, and developmentally appropriate. We hold mutual understating that optimal child rearing is not child-led(boundaryess, permissive) but family-centered. However, my work is not limited to those that have or work with children. I help others navigate developmental complications, birth and gestational imprints, inner childhood/adolescent wounding, undesired parental and inter-generational patterns, and find pathways to energetic wellness and spiritual vitality while reclaiming empowerment and personal authority.

What are the goals of your HeART- fueled approach?

I help parents to uplevel their energetic wellness and spiritual vitality so they can parent from
abundance, not overwhelm. My goal is to support you in reaching your goals. I offer a reflection form to
help you define your goals and orient yourself to the root issues. When we are healthy and well as
adults, then we can nurture from a much more loving, devoted, creative, sensitive, secure, and stable
place. When we can regulate our nervous systems, we are in a greater position for our children to co-
regulate, thus inviting more peace and harmony into the home. This is Revolutionary Care. I aim to help
you expand your capacity to be:


We aim to be realistic, reverent, responsive, resilient (this can be a triggering word for some and
empowering for others) and much less prone to being reactive or overriding your own needs. We
understand the need for conscious connection and there are times of rupture with the need for repair.
This is perfectly normal, so we find collaborative ways to reduce the disconnection. We work on
addressing and unlearning the unhealthy expressions, beliefs, and patterns that you were raised with,
then strive to re-wire the neural pathways through mediation/mindfulness, somatic practices, energetic
hygiene and personal boundaries.
We set short term and long-term goals, to source you with effective solutions that will help your family
blossom. I focus on RESOURCING you in daily practices as well as helping you feel more secure and
accomplished as the weeks roll on. I want you to feel that there is INTEGRITY in our time together and I
am committed to helping you INTEGRATE what we have learned and practiced.

We seek out tools for ourselves and ways to model for our children. You receive multidisciplinary tools and techniques that are especially designed with the children’s rich imagination in mind, and you will find them nourishing as well. We cover topics such as, and not limited to, lifestyle, environments, relationships, big events, home rhythms, rituals, nutrition, toys, and transitions. We desire to become deeply engaged in the lives of our children in caring, creative, clever, and curious ways that are process, not product, oriented.

Are you claiming that you can heal me or my child?

I am not a medical professional, psychologist, or therapist of any kind (see legal disclaimer). I offer
complementary and supplemental care and consulting.

I am an educator, but I do not teach from a place of authority, rather, I act as a guide and resource. I have been a professional in the Healing Arts for two decades and I believe your body is designed to know exactly how to heal when various blockages and barriers are removed.

When you understand that you are a co-creator of your own reality and are connected to Divine Intelligence, true healing is possible. I stay within my scope of practice and I am committed to a culture of consent. I am trauma-informed and am currently completing an integrated trauma-coaching certification accredited with the American Psychological Association.

I have been working with folks professionally with complex situations for nearly 20 years and I have supported people that have gone through unimaginable situations. My work is rooted in empathy and compassion. I offer a nurturing approach that you often do not find with any other forms of care. If we are fully seen, heard and understood in our authenticity, we can walk our path with confidence and courage.

"When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind."- African proverb

I am not creative and the mere thought of using my imagination makes me nervous. Can I sill participate?

Most definitely. This is the bread and butter of what I offer. That is the ART in heart-fueled. I love to
teach others how to infuse playfulness, story, metaphors, song, games, verses, and visuals into
everything! From mundane, daily tasks to seasonal rhythms, there is a spark of imagination that
enriches us throughout our lives.

If you struggle with coming up with your own ideas, please don’t
worry. I have all the bases covered. You’ll receive a written guide and have access to my video

Please follow my Instagram for tiny-tidbits of creative parenting solutions and fantasy- rich ways of nurturing and bridging children’s natural states to meet your modern life demands. If you
have lost connection with the ability to play or are uncomfortable being silly, then I can help you unpack
the root cause that lies beneath the surface and gently and strategically help you become increasingly
comfortable with being playful and utilizing your imagination.

I am not a parent yet. What do you offer for those wishing to become parents or are currently pregnant?

I am super, duper passionate about supporting women/parents from pre-conception-through
menopause. I have packages curated for ceremonial preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum (any
time after you’ve had a pregnancy.) I also embrace and hold-space ceremonially as well as offering
subconscious reparation for those grieving from loss. I have experienced my own loss and sympathize
profoundly. There are countless women around the globe that have been able to get pregnant after
shifting their limiting unconscious beliefs with the power of ThetaHealing.  

I would really like to work with you but cannot afford to.

Equity and accessibility are of the utmost importance to me. I offer low cost small-group classes and
playshops, frequently give scholarships and discounts, I welcome equal-value trades, and occasionally
give away packages.
Why don’t you have a fancy marketing strategy? Would I be better off with a larger parent-coaching program?
The beauty of what I am offering lies in righteous, respectful, relationships where we feel there is a soul
connection. I am not here to be a salesperson or market myself. I am here to be in service to our
children, humanity, and the greater good of the planet. To do this, I am in service to thriving life and
care deeply about the well-being of each adult and the families that I work with. My work is based
around personal relationships where I can take time to offer individual guidance and support from a
non-hierarchal place.
I will never claim nor pretend to have it all together or figured out, I am sensitive to our humanity and
the fact that life can be complicated, messy, and brutal. Modern parenting is relentless. My children are
wild and wonderful, exceptional, and exceptionally challenging. Some coaching programs can cost
several thousands of dollars and focus on modifying the behavior of the children and some, give great
advice on what/how to do but do not consider your history, your larger family dynamics, your
circumstances, and your inherent conditioning. I help you from an integrative space where we can
explore your belief systems, family imprints, trauma (if applicable) from somatic, subconscious, and
conscious perspectives. We assess the whole picture and whole being: body, mind, emotions, energy,
spirit, lifestyle and environment of you and your children.
I share from personal experience and have empathetic listening skills. I have listened to hundreds of
parents in the last 13 years that are confused, worried, fearful, and what is happening in their children is
not written about in medical textbooks. If something is reported year after year, becoming a pattern, we
honor this as a phenomenon of natural development. I have witnessed the unexplainable countless
times and I do not discount these experiences as “woo-woo” but something to really take to heart. I’ve
observed deep healing just by people being heard and seen with empathy. When a child is navigating a
developmental leap, we root down deep, offer grace and patience, and from the place of compassion,
we work to problem solve. This is my commitment to nurture the adults and offer resources to expand
your capacity to create healthy habits, stay grounded, centered, boundaried, present, peaceful and
What educational philosophy do you subscribe to?

Though I have been trained in many educational models: Steiner/Waldorf, Montessori, RIE, Pickler,
Reggio, Lifeways, etc. I am careful not to limit myself to one ideology and do not value one above the
other. I do my best to stay clear of dogma and absolutes and pull out the best practices of each, catering
to individual needs. Pre-conception to age 7 is my wheelhouse but I have worked with and love all ages and stages of children, preteens, and teens and would be more than happy to offer insights into all developmental stages, especially from an spiritual/energetic perspective.

My life is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and I am constantly researching, studying, observing, growing, and practicing elevated ways to nurture children, meeting every family with the approach that aligns best with their unique family culture. I have a gift for weaving people together and have many incredible therapists, consultants, teachers, occupational therapists, holistic sleep, breastfeeding consultants, and the like, that I can refer you to when I feel something is out of my scope of practice.
Do you work directly with children?

The short answer is that my work is achieved primarily by consulting with and guiding adults. I do this because my mission is “protecting and preserving the sanctity of childhood.” Enriching the lives of the children as the optimal goal. The children benefit the most when they are in a healthy environment with healthy, regulated parents. Every session is curated to meet the specific needs of each child. I take time to learn all I can about them, and we navigate by looking at the complexities of your relationships. I have worked directly with children since I was a pre-teen, I believe this is a calling. As an adult, I spent many years in the classroom as a Lead KG Teacher and parent-educator and have experience working with elementary students as well as preteens and teens. Since my children we born I have facilitated classes for parents and children frombirth-7 and have worked with people from all walks of life. While I no longer work directly with children in this professional sense, I am happy to share my insights and perspective through various in-person assessments (non-medical). I share multi-disciplined modalities, tools, and techniques so that you can feel confident when directly nurturing your child/ren. When we are working within the subconscious field, we are working on four levels: core, genetic, historic, and soul levels.
In Theta Healing, we believe that a child in early childhood, is so connected to their parent’s life-force/etheric/resonance/collective stream of consciousness, particularly the mother ( if in healthy relationship) that by working on ourselves, we are healing our children simultaneously. Never-the-less, if we are working on supporting the infant/or child below the age of 6, we still ask consent from their “high-self” or the ancient part of their soul. If the child is older than 6, we need direct consent from them for everything that we wish to work on.  Please see Theta Healing page for more information or schedule a free clarity call.
What if I want to go deeper that what I see offered on your website?
I was born with a deeply philosophical mind and love to help others expand outside of the boundaries.
Please inquire about personalized packages. We can customize a plan that includes one-on-one and
small group sessions, multidisciplinary resources, references, and referrals. If you live in Western North
Carolina or are willing to trave to this magical place called Asheville, I provide in-person ceremonies,
workshops, and retreats.
You refer to “spirit” and “soul”. Are you promoting any form of religious doctrine?
Absolutely not. I honor all faiths, cultures, backgrounds, and philosophies. I try to teach from a universal model and adopt the language that you align with in your family culture. I do believe that there is Divine Intelligence at work in the multiverse and I do not understand it as a noun. You may refer to God, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Divine, the Universe, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Nature or the ancient part of your our soul. There are names innumerable, but I am not aligned to any set of belief systems, and tailor my word choices and understandings to match your preferences.