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Family SOUL-ution

Family SOUL-ution

" It's not only what we inherit from our parents but also how they were parented that influences how we relate to a partner, how we relate to ourselves, and how we nurture our children. For better or worse, parents tend to pass on the parenting that they themselves received. These patterns seem to be hardwired into the brain, and begin to be formed even before we're born." - Mark Wolynn

Family Soul-ution program, a transformative 8-week journey designed to be a ritualistic initiation that will not only transform your perspective on motherhood but also celebrate the sacredness of your role as an intentional Mama. 

Our program is carefully curated  to uplift and empower Motherhood, allowing you to feel cherished and honored in this sacred journey while nurturing the heart and soul of your family. This course is unlike any other, as it’s designed to illuminate every aspect of family life, enabling you to shine brightly as your authentic self.  It’s not just about parenting; it’s about rediscovering and enhancing the beauty of motherhood and family connections.

Raising children in the modern world can feel like it is all consuming. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, depleted, under-supported, you are not alone. My mother had a sign up on our kitchen fridge most of my life that read: " Raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens." Yikes.

Can you relate? There are root causes to why so many emotions, reactions and triggers come up and are exceptionally hard to control. There are many factors at play and we can continue down the path of reactivity (yelling, punishing, shaming, bribing, dissociating, numbing) and victimization OR we can commit to making a conscious change that will create a Legacy of Love.

Though many of us are putting in significant efforts to raise our children with intention and integrity, we live in a culture that can feel exhaustive, overwhelming, and highly stressful. The majority of caregivers are significantly under-supported and on top of this, we are often unaware of unconscious imprints from our own parental models, gestational/birth imprints, undesirable childhood experiences, inner child/teen wounding, intergenerational traumas and the like. These outdated, habitual patterns wreak havoc on our home lives and prevent us from being peaceful, playful, present and utilizing creative parenting strategies.

This is precisely why Family SOUL-ution was created, so that we can nurture the nurturer.  In this epic program, you'll find a supportive and ceremonial space where you can revitalize your role as the SOURCE from which the family flourishes, and feel cherished and honored in this vital role. We focus on personal development through multidimensional healing arts, embodiment, elemental rituals, nervous system tending, mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming. Our mission is to help you become more confident and creative in your parenting strategies by deepening your understanding of your family's dynamics and embracing holistic child development, intimately understanding what is appropriate for each age and stage of development. 

Throughout the program, you'll receive a variety of tools and techniques to create an emotional regulation toolkit to combat the cycles of stress and overwhelm, create more harmony in your home, break free from toxic generational conditioning and grow in connection with your ancestors. We believe in nurturing and empowering not only yourself but each family member, fostering a sense of unity and resonance.

To see the full outline, please click here
Please click on link above to see this EPIC outline. 8 sessions (16 live hours) and 6 hours of recorded content and guest facilitators. There is a HUGE library of bonus content, a workbook,  meditations, affirmations, tools and techniques to build an emotional regulation toolkit for yourself and your children. 

Only $333 (early bird until July 5th) for this life enhancing course! Price goes up to $432 after July 6th.
Limited to 20 per cohort. You will be blown away by how much education you receive in both theory and practical application. You will gain creative strategies for enhancing you family's wellbeing, and deep your connection. 

Payment can be made in full or in 2 installments. This is an investment in LINEAGE TENDING whilst creating a LEGACY OF LOVE. Invite your friends and share in the magic of total transformation!
Next sessions begin July with 3 dates/times to choose from. 
2 Full Scholarships Available 
All session will be recorded but we would love to have you join us live. 
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Family Soul-Utions was heart medicine for intentional mamas!! Yum taught us with passionate wisdom. From ancestral healing to being present with our children, it was a workshop of the utmost value. Yum put her heart and soul into her teachings, and I was always left feeling cleansed, energized, and eager for the next class. We learned magical rituals, songs, prayers, ways of being intentional and she led us through theta healings and meditations. She listened to our questions without a hint of judgement, and offered priceless knowledge. I treasure what I learned and I am beyond grateful for her heart!!! -Hayden

"Ashley is deeply dedicated to her work and it shows through her willingness to help nurture our inner wealth of knowledge as parents. As a mother of three, who has read lots of parenting books, I can truly say that Ashley's class has given me a treasure trove of tools for my parenting toolkit. I would definitely recommend her to any parent who is looking for some bit of help along the way. I appreciate her for the time she's spent, countless hours I'm sure she has worked, on the class she has offered. I walked away with many timeless parenting strategies, but she also has me yearning for more!  I loved learning along side her and from her in class! Ashley is truly a delightful soul, spreading light wherever she can." -McKayla 

“This was a very generous and rich class and the resources were amazing and so much more than I had expected. Yum is full of knowledge, practical, theoretical, and spiritual, and she shares all of it. There was so much information to receive and learn, and she always tried to present it in an interesting and useful way. There was a time for teaching and then there was a time for our questions, and they were answered very in-depth. I felt like being on a journey that supported my motherhood and family life, and to be honest I would do this workshop every 3 months, as my little one grows and enters new phases and there is again something new to ask, learn, and focus on. This is a great class for mums and dads who do not have time to read all the books, experiment with different approaches, and figure out what works best for their families. But want to parent from their heart, with knowledge, awareness, grounded, and supported in their roots and spirituality. In this class I have learned about a much wider look at motherhood and family life and I really enjoyed that and found it useful. I had so many “aha moments”, that gave me clarity and a better understanding of my family, child, our connection and the process. I felt that every time I had a question or dilemma, Yum knew how to guide me and leave me with practical useful knowledge, few options and hope. I felt heard, understood and nourished. Yum herself is very approachable, kind, authentic, humble and supportive, and I think that made me and the whole group feel very welcomed and nourished. Because she was so authentic, Yum created space for us to open up and ask without shame or judgment hard questions and also talked about weaknesses, insecurities and mistakes in our family life or parenting, and I find that extremely freeing and healing. I have never before met such a lovely combination of teacher and a fairy good mother all in one person, and if I could, I would carry her with me, in my pocket, all the time.” -Ivana 

The moment I joined Ashley's class, my mothering journey was forever changed. It was an indescribable relief to be held in her nurturing container, as I was seen and validated in the initiation of raising the next generation -- and deeply supported in rooting into the Power of what it truly means to be a Mother.
Ashley embodies a wealth of wisdom about the path of conscious parenting and revolutionary tools in working with our own subconscious -- to stay nourished throughout the demands of parenthood, the tender path of re-parenting one's own inner child, and the rich journey of ancestral healing that naturally comes along with it all!
Enrolling in Ashley's series was a true gift to myself and my entire family & lineage. It was everything I knew I needed, and so much more!! -Ganaia