Shine & Align
Alchemical Sessions

Personalized ceremonies that combine Advanced Theta Healing® and Multidimension Healing Arts with a deep passion to nurture and foster transformation. Gratify your soul's longing to be seen, held, heard. Everyone has an inherent right to be cherished and venerated.

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I extend an invitation for you to indulge your senses in a meticulously crafted ceremony, where we join the energies of the sacred vortex in the Blue Ridge Mountains, nestled in ancient Appalachia. The ritualistic traditions of celebrating individual milestones, rites of passage, or times of grieving have nearly disappeared. It is time for you to shine brightly as you awaken to prosperity consciousness and embrace infinite overflow. 
Shine & Align takes place at the Shine House in Asheville, North Carolina—an immersive 3.5-4-hour session held in a warmly inviting, beautifully curated space.
Upon entering the Shine House, I hope you feel a sense of familiarity as if I am one of your beloved aunties. Our objective is to "nurture the nurturer," ensuring you feel deeply supported, honored, uplifted, empowered, and awakened to manifesting boundless possibilities.
Consider yourself part of the family as I serve you meals crafted with love and ancestral wisdom. Choose from seasonally curated, supremely healthy, organic options, tailored to your preference for heartier or fresher/vibrant fare that day. Access my apothecary, and relish a warm herbal infusion throughout the session. I am attentive to the happenings in your current existence, listening deeply, setting intentions, paying homage to the Land, ancestors, and energetic assistants, expressing gratitude to the Universe, and seeking abundant blessings.
Every session is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" experience. We enter a safe and inviting space curated to pamper you, where I listen profoundly to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs and desires. Whether you opt for a velvet loveseat, a zero-gravity chair, or a massage table surrounded by a crystal grid, we focus on integrative body-based practices supporting your entire being: SOMA (body), SUBCONSCIOUS, and practices in ENERGETIC hygiene, boundaries, and vitality.
Indulge in a scarlet-rose/cacao foot soak while connecting with your body through sound healing, Breathwork, or Yoga Nidra. A myriad of embodied offerings awaits, including Somatic Practices, Mindfulness Techniques, Reiki, Sacred Temple Arts, Herbal Body Oiling, Facilitated Stretching, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Elemental Alignments, Guided Visualizations, Womb Nourishing, Castor Oil Packs, and Moxibustion.
Feel superb as we commence the ThetaHealing® session. As we conclude, you'll have time to integrate while enjoying a snack and elixir before reentering the hustle of life. A take-home gift expresses my gratitude, and I always encourage a follow-up call in the subsequent weeks to aid in integration. Please refer to the Theta Healing Page for more details.