Blossom & Bee
Mama & Me Circle

"It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to raise a mother. We're in a moment of cultural purgatory where we recognize that we need more than we thought we did. In this gap, we must call more wise women, more support, and in so doing, know that we are repairing the fabric, changing the world our children will inherit."
- Kimberly Ann Johnson

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Our mission is to ‚Äúnurture the nurturer‚ÄĚ, through revolutionary community wellness,¬†inspiring revitalized ways of living and to cherish the heART of motherhood.

"Caregivers are the most undervalued people in the world, let's change that together."

 Kerry Ingram.

There is a metamorphosis, that takes place as we go through the portal to become a Mother, a time known as Matrescence.¬†Embracing the concept of ‚Äúre-villaging,‚ÄĚ we aim to elevate and enrich our community and culture at large, by being the antidote to exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, isolated/lonely caregivers.

We treat our time together as ceremony, honoring our physiologic, psychologic and spiritual needs. Collectively, we can shift our cultural norm, remembering the importance of protecting and preserving the sanctity of our parenting journey and early childhood. Where infants and mothers are met with dignity and respect. Babies are not only welcomed but encouraged. There are not many spaces in AVL where this is true. We discuss Mama-centered content but always baby-led focus.

You will be nurtured during your time with us, You will leave feeling a deeper sense of peace, connection, insight and hope. You will receive a traditionally prepared, nutrient dense meal, warm infusions, and elixirs. We weave together ancestral wisdom from global traditions with modern applications that are practical, tangible, simple and inexpensive. We will discuss how this traditional wisdom correlates to evidence based-science. Each session you may receive loving touch, meditative techniques or frequency healing.

We encourage the use of health-promoting tools, available for group-self care. Each week there will be demonstrations on embodiment practices to help soothe our nervous systems and techniques to help us become more present, patient and playful.

I send out inspirations each week with additional (optional) resources.

This is an opportunity to build community longing for meaningful connections in order to create a sisterhood, a union, a care-team. Creating a series is intentional so that we can create deeper bonds.

Your sharing/contributions will impact us collectively. We honor your story, voice, experiences, questions and concerns. Postpartum depletion/dis-ease/disappointment is an epidemic in our country.

We all know healers and resources in our city that we will recommend to each other. It takes a village and that is why this is COMMUNITY SUPPORTED postpartum care.

The health and vitality of the MOTHER equals the health of all of our future generations.-Rachelle of Innate Traditions.

 The Circle

10-10:30 - Ground and Root- settle in, enjoy a warm herbal infusion and snack.
10:30 - Welcome, gratitude, acknowledgment, check-in.
11:00 - Songs and games, followed by quite observation of the babies. Mama is fed a warm, nourishing meal, and recieves nurturing from the facilitators.
11:30 - Topic of the week and open share.
12:00 - 12:30- Space to connect ask questions.
12:30 - Assistance packing up, session end.
May this circle be a catalyst for change in our community and
spread this vision far beyond our ceremonial circle.
We will plant SEEDS of LOVE for a metamorphosis.
 Rooted in Love, Bee-coming the Blossom Not forest, garden, meadow, nor orchard came into being from one seed alone.