Mama Magic Night

Come Get Witchy with us!!!

A meaningful, monthly celebration hosted by Raising Our Rootz, curated to be a nurturing space for Mamas to ground and revitalize their body, mind, and spirits. Come as an overworked mom and leave feeling reconnected to your autonomous self; a Mother Metamorphosis. 

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Our mission is to “nurture the nurturer” through revolutionary community wellness,

inspiring revitalized ways of living and to cherish the heART of motherhood.

“Maternal health is foundational to societal health”

-Rachelle Garcia Seliga


The flow of the evening is 3 fold

Join us for an intentional evening of self-care and transformation where you can Shine and Align. This night is designed for you to arrive as a MOTHER, be nurtured, and leave feeling like a MATRIARCH, having played as an alchemized MAIDEN. 🌟


🌱 Nurture:

Begin your journey by reconnecting with your inner self. As an intentional MOTHER, you'll embark on a path of self-discovery and soulful connection with kindred spirits.

Indulge in a restorative meal and divine elixirs, treating yourself or a cherished friend to apothecary treasures that will nourish both body and soul. Explore an array of integrative tools that honor the importance of self-care and body mindfulness, paving the way for peacefulness and harmonious thoughts.

🌟 Ritual:

Prepare to be the VIP of your own alchemical experience. Learn the art of harnessing your unique power through the magic of ritualistic omnism. Discover that magic is an inherent part of the universe, and we're here to guide you in using your innate abilities to transcend any situation.

Together, we'll embark on an enlightening journey through an Advanced Theta Healing meditation, connecting you with your ancient wisdom and aligning you with your highest truth, leading to a rapid transformation of your reality. The talented Theta Healer and Magic Practitioner, Abby Thorn, will lead us in crafting magic through elemental rituals, providing education and supplies, and ensuring you leave with your own magical creation.

🌟 Play:

Release stress and rekindle your inner joy through the power of PLAY. Surround the fire with us as we exchange deep belly laughs, engage in ecstatic dance, or simply relax and share divinations, crafts, and musings.

Unlock your inner creatrix, and immerse yourself in the healing, connection, and pleasure that The Shine Home was designed to offer.

We invite you to reconnect with your alchemized maiden and inner Matriarch during this transformative evening. Leave feeling centered, refreshed, and inspired to shine brightly in your unique journey of self-discovery. 🌙🌟