Empowering holistically minded mothers and guardians on a journey of integrative healing, personal development, and stress resilience.

Generating a LEGACY OF LOVE.

 Through nurturing, embodiment rituals, lineage tending & mindset medicine we show up as our best selves. Raising our children, rooted in love, compassion, & integrity.  

Transforming MAYHEM
into MAGIC.
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Alchemize and Energize

Alchemize and Energize is a monthly membership unlike anything else! Curated especially for Mothers to Nurture your Body, Mind and Spirit through multidimensional healing arts focusing on nervous system tending, somatic embodiment, energetics, breathwork, earth-based rituals, soul nourishment, mindfulness and meditation, and my favorite Advanced Theta Healing (quantum healing) so you can go from feeling stressed out and limited to empowered and limitless!


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Family Soul-ution 

A six-week program for Extraordinary Growth and Transformation. This is a deep dive into Personal Development, Lineage Tending, HeART-fuled Parenting, & Multidimensional Healing Arts so that you can Revitalize your Rootz (body, mind, and spirit), and provide Revolutionary Care for your family. This is a catalyst for shifting the consciousness of the planet.
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HeART-Fueled Parenting

In HeART-fueled parenting we learn how to bridge the inner-world of the child to meet our needs as parents through compassion, creativity, curiosity, and cleverness. I help coach you so that you are proficient in meeting your children in a manner that feels peaceful, playful, positive and practical, supporting internal regulation for all.


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Innate Postpartum Care

"When MOTHERS are healthy and well, so then are their families. When their families are healthy and well, so too then is the community. Healthy and well communities are the best way that we can responsibly tend to the health of MOTHER EARTH." - Rachelle Garcia Seliga


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(Subconscious work for Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Parenting)

ThetaHealing® is a potent meditation technique that integrates advanced energy work, kinesiology, intuitive readings, and quantum science principles to facilitate rapid healing of mind, body and spirit.


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Shine & Align
Alchemical Ceremony

A custom-curated, transformational ceremony held in the Vortex of the Blue Ridge Mountains, designed to help you remember how to SHINE through Energetic Wellness and Spiritual Vitality. Shifting mindset from limited to limitless.  


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Support Groups & Community

Blossom & Bee
Mama & Me Circle

An ongoing series of 4 (2-hour) gatherings, inviting holistically-minded mamas in their 3rd trimester and mama/baby pairs into a supportive space inspired by Innate Traditions Postpartum and Community Supported Postpartum.


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Mama Magic Circle

A meaningful, monthly meetup hosted by Raising Our Rootz, curated to be a nurturing space for guardians to ground and revitalize their body, mind, and spirits. Come as an overworked mom and leave feeling reconnected to your autonomous self.


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Alchemize and Energize for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers and Healers 

Free Live Online Event
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Blossom & Bee
Mama & Me Circle

Mondays, 10:15-12:30
S. Asheville, NC
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The four principles of the heart-fueled parent are woven through
the roots of all my work and offerings.





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