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“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”
-L.R. Knost

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To be heART-fueled means to be in coherence, aligned with the
core of your truth, intentions, and values as a parent.

Our heart is a gateway to the soul. More than ever, as humans on this planet, we need those that are compassionate and courageous enough to be fueled by their hearts.

We strive to be emotionally intelligent, peaceful, and present;
and we cultivate the skills necessary to be able to regulate our own internal states so that our children are able to develop healthy emotional states (self-regulate) through co-regulation.

Birth to 7 is the age of imitation and imagination.

Ask yourself: In what ways to do I see my child imitating me? Am I comfortable with this observation?

For those of us who know that we have a responsibility to future generations to uphold the integrity of humanity and life on this Earth, heART-fueled parenting is a path to healthier horizons.

I am not promising perfection because it does not exist, but I know there is more beyond “good-enough” parenting and we see the damage of "convenience" parenting. When we tune into the desires of our hearts, we can feel the call to birth a new world. It takes some conscious commitment. We are truly capable.

By the end of the 4-week holistic parent coaching program, parents/caregivers will have achieved a deeper understanding of emotional regulation, developed a playful approach to parenting challenges, implemented heart-centered discipline techniques, worked on repairing intergenerational wounds, and established stronger connections with their children. They will have embarked on a journey towards metamorphosis and have gained insight to areas of imbalance and overflow as well as areas of strength. They will be equipped with integrative strategies in somatic/embodiment exercises, mindfulness and meditation, Advanced Theta Healing (subconscious renegotiation), energetics ( hygiene and boundaries) and breathwork techniques. They will have better skills in order to respond to their children's needs in a calm and loving manner, fostering a nurturing and transformative family environment.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions,
it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.”
- L.R Knost

Principles of the
HeART-Fueled Parent


We channel wisdom from the place of unconditional love, connection, and humility while honoring our humanity. We strive to work from a place of emotional intelligence, and compassion, mindful of developmental stages.


We acknowledge that the best way to bridge the needs of our lives into the child’s world, is through the realm of imagination. With courage, we strengthen our skills so that we are playful and present. The ART in heART.


We affirm that we are resilient and have a magnitude of tools in our tool box to strengthen our relationships, practicing mindfulness over reactivity, trusting our intuitive guidance and our own unique gifts.


We seek to discover what lies beneath the behavior/emotions in our children and ourselves. We strive to pause, observe,
reflect, then respond with empathy,
gentleness and conscious collaboration. 

If you are a parent or a caregiver

You are most likely feeling pulled into the vortex of stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, depletion, and pressure to conform to the way of the mainstream culture. However, the truth is that our culture at large is suffering greatly, and children are taking the biggest blows.

 There is an “undeclared war on childhood”

“We are caught in a perpetual cycle of dis-ease and disorder because our children are being raised with too much, too fast, too soon’ and it is creating “soul-fever”. -Kim John Payne of Simplicity Parenting and the Soul of Discipline.

 Children and parents are left feeling disoriented and disconnected from each other, pulled out of harmony with our physiologic design and the natural rhythms as children of the earth. This leads to anxiety, depression, fatigue, mood-swings, low self-esteem, trouble concentrating, and pathologizing mental health disorders when it is the demands of our dominant culture that is truly creating illness and the illusions of separateness.

 Our society at large is spiritually bankruptwhen it comes to supporting the family dynamic. Particularly in the U.S, there are no systems in place to uphold the sanctity of these precious first years, and parents are left scrambling to keep their heads above water.

 We are bombarded with mixed messages. There are incredible resources for holistic child-rearing that are based in mindfulness and conscious practices but many do not touch on several key factors such as our own and our children’s:

  • Gestational and Birth Imprints
  • Adverse early-life experiences
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Inner child wounds
  • Re-parenting needs.
The way we were raised leaves us hostage to our own triggersand nothing brings up our own issues like raising children in our modern times. For those of us that are bravely and continually working towards self-development, we sometimes fail to grasp that most of our impulsive, heated reactions (yelling, punishing, bribing, dissociating, avoiding) come from our own unmet needs in childhood.
We hold (and harbor) outdated beliefs patterns and programs from our own upbringing, often unaware of the deficits. I can help you address what is stored in your subconscious mind while tending to the needs of your nervous-system, leading to a more harmonic and sustainable existence for all. We can do this by utilizing meditative techniques, body-based integrative practices (somatic exercises), enhancing tools for energetic hygiene, self-regulation, and revitalization of body, mind and spirit.
Many of us are doing everything we can to give our children the best lives possible but we are led to behavior-management instead of focusing on attunement, resonance and presence. When we honor each individuals personality, temperament, and developmental readiness (age/stage), and learn to skillfully filter lifestyle and external influences, we provide quintessential care for children and adults. Calling upon the wisdom of Simplicity Parenting and the Soul of Discipline to offer safety, connection and direction that is calm, loving, firm and kind. When we lay a healthy foundation of trust, connection and guidance we support their optimal development.
In heART-fueled parenting we learn how to bridge, the inner-world of  the child to meet our needs as parents through our creativity, curiosity, and our cleverness. This may seem daunting to an already flooded parent, but I am here to  help coach you so that you are proficient in meeting your children in a manner that feels peaceful, playful, positive and practical. In our sessions we will go through some reflection questions together ( you will receive them in advance) so that you do not feel pressure to take on a ton of "homework". We will talk about the areas that you would like to address, make a plan involving small, doable steps to implement and I will give you tools to support emotional regulation while enforcing boundaries and increasing security and love. Additionally, you will receive resources to guide you towards stability and success and a follow up call to help with accountability and integration.
Here is an abridged outline:

Week 1: Embracing your Heart-Fueled Parenting Journey and Holistic Child Dev.

** Setting the Heart-Centered Foundation_ Nurturing the Soil and Seed.
** Intro to the HFP approach, Creating a Nurturing Family Vision.
** Empathic listening, getting to know you and learning about your intentions. 
** Grounding and Centering Practices.

Week 2: Embracing Emotional Awareness and Regulation

** Cultivating Emotional Awareness, Embracing 7 Blossoms of wellness.
** What are appropriate expectations for children? 
** Integrative Stress Management and Regulation Skills
** Creating a personalized "Emotion Regulation Toolkit."

Week 3: Heart Fueled Discipline and Reparenting Needs

** Exploring Guidance through the "Soul of Discipline" 
** Identifying subconscious triggers rooted in intergenerational wounds/reparenting needs
** Optional Integrative Wellness Practice

Week 4: Playful Parenting and Creative SOUL-utions

** Navigating Challenging Behavior with Creativity

** Parent's "Creative Behavior Toolkit" 

Week 5: Deepening Bonding and Connection

** Building Loving Bonds and Connection
** Emphasizing the significance of secure attachment and emotional connection.
** Maintaining Heart Fueled Parenting: Practicing real life scenarios and responses.

Week 6: Recap of key concepts covered throughout the program.

**Celebrating areas of growth and success.
** Creating a Legacy of Love through rituals, rhythms and resilience. 
** Concentric circles of support


This is a 6 week series (8 live hours) to be completed within 10 weeks. 1:1 either on Zoom or in person in Asheville, NC.USA. $750 and includes all Weekly Recaps, PDFs, Audio recordings, Video Exercises, Reflection Questions and Integration/Follow Up. The first and last session are 90 mins and the second-fifth are 75 minutes each.

Throughout the holistic parent coaching program, participants will receive:- Weekly emails with summaries, additional resources, and relevant articles.- Access to an optional private online community for sharing experiences and insights.- One-on-one support through email, text or brief check-in calls between sessions on Marco Polo.

There is also a small group offering open to 6 households in a consecutive 6 week series. Includes all the above for $350/each household and includes discounted rates on 1:1 Advanced Theta Healing sessions, ceremonies and Family SOUL-ution. We start the next group on October 5th at 12:00pm EST.


“It only takes one generation of children that are raised with responsive, intentional parenting to significantly shift the health of the planet.”
-Rachel Garcia Seliga