Innate Traditions
Postpartum Care

Certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Provider. Cultures from every part of the globe recognize that properly caring for a new mother in the first 6 weeks, known as the 4th trimester, is ESSENTIAL and not a luxury.

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After birthing, we have a “golden opportunity” to increase our health and vitality. However, American culture does not prioritize postpartum care, which leads new mothers feeling overwhelmed, depleted and exhausted.

In Western society, when we hear the word “postpartum”, we often misinterpret it with negative associations and pathology, linking the term to peri-natal mood disorders like “depression”.

On the contrary, "postpartum" is any time after you have had a pregnancy and is lifelong. One does not cease to stop needing support after the fourth trimester, or after the first year or even after the first 3 years.

My work ensures you will be supported in every way to safeguard you and
your family’s blossoming. In developing my approach, I combine 20 years as a professional in the Healing Arts and 13 years as a Certified Early Childhood Teacher, specializing in holistic child development, with 5 years as a Certified Postpartum and Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 350 hrs of training/mentorship.

As an Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Practitioner, I am trained to nurture and educate you far beyond the role of a traditional doula, to support the mother/baby’s physiologic, psychologic and spiritual needs. My teacher Rachel Garcia Seliga is a brilliant force on this earth. Please enjoy her wisdom and resources:


I currently offer
four packages for
Innate Postpartum Care.


Every time I visit, I bring with me loads of comfort measures, a delectable meal with multiple servings to deeply restore your body, teas, tinctures, exercises, and affirmations.

We will follow the guide of the 5 Pillars to Postpartum Health and curate a Postpartum Sanctuary Plan that will include information of New Life Navigation.

Below are EXAMPLES. My work is comprehensive. If you hire me, you get all that I offer.

12 Hour Package(only recommended for 2nd time mothers)
  • 1-hour virtual pre-natal consult
  • Planning workbook
  • Scrumptious, High Vibe meals each visit, designed to restore, nurture and please
  • Recipes to stock your fridge
  • Women’s Health-local Resource List
  • Essentials List for New Parents
  • Book and Podcast recommendations
  • Miracle Salve for belly, nipples and baby booties (excellent for everything!)
  • Teas, Elixirs and tonics
  • Bodywork-loving touch to educate you on the benefits of lymphatic drainage, massage, reiki, reflexology, acupressure, and abyanga.
  • Breath work and Meditation exercises to support your nervous system, mental and emotional health
  • Herbs and plant allies for Sitz Baths and Yoni Steams
  • Breastfeeding Support (as a peer counselor with 4 years exp as a nursing mother, I am not a lactation consultant but will refer if needed)
  • Ongoing phone/text/email support


16 Hour Package
  • Everything above plus Physiologic Baby Care
  • Attachment, Trust and Bonding
  • Soothing Techniques and Comfort Measures
  • Swaddling and Baby Wearing (various carriers)
  • Respectful Diapering, cloth, and disposable
  • Cord care
  • Baby-led sleep expectations and guidance
  • Infant massage
  • Assistance and referrals about any wellbeing questions that arise.
20 Hour Package
  • Everything above plus:
  • Delicious & nutritious Ayurvedic snacks, moxibustion
  • Mesoamerican Binding starting immediately after birth (Mentor Tema Mercado)
  • Bekung Belly Binding, each session after the second week ( Mentor Grandma Jovita from the Philippines)


24 Hour Package
  • Everything above plus:
  • One prenatal home visit including WOMB/HIP compression (in your third trimester) to help you prep for labor
  • Tips for cultivating healthy, connected relationships and on-going phone/Zoom coaching.



24 hour package is wonderful because it creates space for
prenatal care which is very important.
It allows me to attend to your needs over two 3 hour sessions in the first 2 critical weeks
and then once a week for the following 4 weeks so you have in-home support for
the Entirety of the Golden Month.