Alchemical Sessions

Alchemical Sessions

ThetaHealing® is a potent meditation technique that integrates advanced energy work, kinesiology, intuitive readings, and quantum science principles to facilitate rapid healing of mind, body and spirit.

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You will present a theme or desired outcome for the session. We will assess what you would like to shift, such as an undesired pattern, habit and/or conditioned belief.

As we explore the inner chambers of your subconscious, we will pull and clear unwanted beliefs, releasing the voice of conditioning from your parents, partners, culture, and teachers and replace them through activations channeled with intuitive guidance.

This healing modality is 100% consent-based. For each and every single belief/feeling that we clear and replace, I ask that you give your permission with a clear “yes”, “no” or “clarity” to hear more information. I am the conduit and the real work is directly between you and Divine Intelligence.

The effects of this metamorphosis can feel MIRACULOUS, the recipient becomes more aligned with SOURCE (omniscient, unconditional love) and their empowered self, becoming freer to harness the Sacred Force of their highest potential. You deserve this!

ThetaHealing® is transformational, allowing one to feel a greater sense of wellbeing, harmony, balance, and peace by shifting one’s subconscious “blueprint". This modality supports the practitioner and the recipient in identifying, clearing, and renegotiating limited beliefs, outdated patterns, deeply held blocks, and wounding from the client’s subconscious field into more manageable and pleasurable thought patterns.

You will present a theme and a desired outcome
for the session.

My role is to help you remember that you have all you need to heal when connected to Divine Intelligence and your Original Light. You are your own best healer. Much like caring for a garden, we weed and compost what is unwanted and cultivate and nurture what is beneficial. The experience is tranquil and nourishing. Our sessions are interactive and committed to 100% consent, each step of the process. This is not "magical thinking". This modality creates real change through conscious awareness and is not meant to be a quick-fix, but is supplemental to other therapeutic strategies.

You will present a theme or desired outcome for the session. We will assess what you would like to shift, such as an undesired pattern, habit and/or conditioned belief. Together, we will enter a Theta Brain Wave State and bridge the conscious with the subconscious realms. I will teach you a "road map" meditation so that you are free to continue the work after our session.

Aligning with Source/Creator/God in this way can feel

I currently offer 3 options for
ThetaHealing® Sessions

Sessions are 90 - 120 minutes. You will be asked to fill out an intake form before
our session to help us navigate how to best serve you.

Remote Session

I work with clients remotely through Zoom. I work with clients from all over the US and internationally. Because we are accessing the Quantum field (a field of intelligence or consciousness- that exists beyond time and space) Theta Healing is highly effective in-person or remotely.

$150 - $200 Sliding Scale

The Shine House

You are welcome at The Shine House for an in-person session. The Shine House is a warm and inviting place of nurturing. Designed to be a peaceful sanctuary to ground, decompress and connect deeply with your intuition and Source.

$150 - $200 Sliding Scale

Home Visit & Groups

If you have a local home, rental or hotel that you love, I am willing to travel. I ask that this space be peaceful and comfortable, free from distractions so that we can align with Divine guidance. Are you planning a sacred gathering with close kin? Ask about group rates.

* Rates for Home Visits are similar to virtual or normal in person sessions depending on travel distance and what your goals are. We will work out details during our discovery call.

Curated Packages

Theta Healing is beneficial for everyone in all seasons of life. The packages below are examples of the way we structure & guide our work based on your present intentions and goals for the future.

Birth & Beyond

Preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum council may be purchased individually or as a discounted package. The packages below are examples.
During each session, we will adjust to meet your specific needs and desires.

$200 - 2 hour single session
$400 - 1 - 90 Minute Session, 2 - 60 Minute Sessions

  • Conscious, Ceremonial Conception
  • Assessing Energetic and Emotional Fertility Blockages
  • Peaceful, Present Pregnancy
  • Releasing Fear, Phobias and Anxiety
  • Empowered, Embodied Birth
  • Birth Imprints- Sending Love to Baby in the Womb
  • Healing Inherited Family Trauma
  • Attachment and Inner Child Wounds
  • Peaceful, Present, Playful Postpartum
  • Righteous Relationships- marriage, partners, siblings, extended
    family Healthy, Happy Home
Marvelous Matriarch

Curated for perimenopausal and postmenopausal women that are ready to significantly enhance their lives, move past their circumstances, elevate to new heights and advance LIFE MASTERY.

$555 - One 90 Minute Session &
             Three 60 Minute Sessions over One Month

  • Belief Work, Past, Present, Future
  • More Love and Grace
  • Personal Authority and Confidence
  • Releasing Resentments and Regrets
  • Crafting your Hero’s Journey
  • Healthy Home and Righteous Relationships
  • Repairing Intergenerational Wounds
  • Healing a Broken Soul
  • Aligning with your Inner Truth
  • Illuminating you Life Purpose
  • Manifest your Legend and Legacy
  • Abundance and Prosperity Attunement
  • BONUSES: Custom curated gift box sent to your home, pre-recorded
    guided visualization and meditation, discount on future sessions.
Enchantment Expansion

Curated for Healers, Therapists, Providers, Caregivers to replenish and revitalize, seal up leaking energy in order to counter fatigue and burnout, and supercharge their lives and relationships, moving in the direction of your dreams.

$333 - One 90 Minute Session &
            Two 60 Minute Sessions over 1 Month

  • Belief work, Past, Present and Future
  • Soul Nourishment and Chakra Alignment
  • Personal Authority
  • Energetic Hygiene and Boundaries
  • Self Love and Sacred Force
  • Birth imprints, Early Attachment, Inner-Child Intergenerational Trauma
  • Healers Wounds and Heart Song Meditation
  • Dharma/ Life Purpose
  • Releasing Money Blocks
  • Abundance and Prosperity Attunements


"Ashley "Mama Yum" would come over a few times a week for a few hours. She would bring me the most nutritional and healthy food, she would give me tinctures, she would pray over me, she would listen to me, we would draw cards, she would massage me. She helped massage my stomach when I was so constipated from all the pain meds. She was an angel. And became more like a sister. Her knowledge was and continues to be inspiring. Of course I paid for her services, but I would have paid double. It was absolutely priceless. All the while I was falling deeper in love with my son. She is still my go to for child/mother questions, and will forever be a soul sister and a touchstone for me. "


" Wow. The tumor is definitely smaller. And feels very, very different to the touch! As soon as I saw my daughter, the energy between us was waayyyy different. She has been more lovey-dovey and it feels so easy between us. That was absolutely amazing work. I feel the difference definitely!!!! Hard to put into words but I am very, very grateful. The Theta session was instrumental on helping me get back on track."


"  I was remembering back to last year at this time, andfeeling lots of heart warmth and gratitude "You were also a wealth of information, knowledge and traditional wisdom about nurturing, holistic postpartum care, as, for example, you helped P adjust to new motherhood and brought in a colleague to help advise with lactation issues she was experiencing. And you also suggested P have an in-home session pre-birth with a specialist who helped P physically prepare for the birthing experience—I was amazed at what P learned, and I believe it contributed to the short amount of time P spent pushing before A arrived on the scene! Your devoted care of P and A last year was truly extraordinary. You prepared and brought wonderfully nourishing foods for P. You gently massaged her belly to put her in a relaxed state and speed the healing process, and you had many great recommendations for P’s further physical healing.  You are an amazing postpartum practitioner, Ashley. I am in awe of everything you did for us, and especially for P’s and A’s first precious postpartum weeks together. Your love and care were foundational to giving our family the most precious start on their journey as a new, young family. Words cannot really express my deep gratitude to you for all you did for us last year in those early weeks. I learned so much from you about how to be a supportive grandparent, even though that was not your mission. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️"

Client Name

"I attended a mama’s/women’s retreat afternoon that was facilitated by Ashley. I have attended many women’s circles over the years, and this was by far the most beautifully and thoughtfully organized. I am beyond grateful to Ashley and co-facilitator Jess for creating a safe and soulful container for us all to express, connect, explore, and integrate in community with one another. The somatic and self-reflection exercises that Ashley lead us through taught me new skills to support me in processing and regulating my own emotions so that I can show up as a more whole-hearted and embodied woman for myself, my family, and my community. "


"If you are searching for real magic, wondering how to "do the work", or looking for ways to get out of negative patterns and loops in your life, it is here. Ashley is so knowledgeable, intuitive, and nurturing in her guidance and presence. She generously offers new ways of being. I have seen real shifts in my energy and reflected in my life from just one session."


"Mama is officially outside of her most tender 2 week window and let me tell you.....I feel amazing! My bleeding is gone, my energy levels are up, my hormones feel stable and I can quickly feel my body gaining strength each day. Without a doubt, I contribute this to a very strict postpartum plan I developed and that care that I have received. A very special shout out to my postpartum practitioner Ashley of Raising Our Rootz who has poured so much love and energy into me. Her tender, loving care and my complete gratitude can not be put into words."


"Ashley is a divine human being. I felt deeply cared for and nurtured by her during our Theta Healing session. Deeply intuitive and insightful into the deeper patterns I am working with and helping remove blocks in my life to live my full potential. I highly recommend her for Theta Healing and for any workshop she offers. She is a gift to the world and all she touches."


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