Family SOUL-ution

" It's not only what we inherit from our parents but also how they were parented that influences how we relate to a partner, how we relate to ourselves, and how we nurture our children. For better or worse, parents tend to pass on the parenting that they themselves received. These patterns seem to be hardwired into the brain, and begin to be formed even before we're born." - Mark Wolynn

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**The Family Soul-ution Program: Nourishing the Roots, Nurturing Blossoms***

Raising children in the modern world can feel like it is all consuming. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, depleted, under-supported, you are not alone. My mother had a sign up on our kitchen fridge most of my life that read: " Raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens." Yikes. Can you relate? There are root causes to why so many emotions, reactions and triggers come up and are exceptionally hard to control. There are many factors at play and we can continue down the path of reactivity (yelling, pushing, shaming, bribing, dissociating, numbing) and victimization OR we can commit to making a conscious change that will create a Legacy of Love.

Welcome to a transformative 6-week journey designed to assess generational imprints, nurture holistic growth, and generate Blossoms within your family. Each week, we'll delve into a unique aspect of the Family Soul-ution framework—D.N.A.- Discovery, Nurturing, and Alchemizing—to guide you towards a brighter future.

The "Family Soul-ution" program aims to deepen family connections, address early imprints, nurture individual interests, and empower each family member. Each week we focus on a different area: roots, soil, trunk, branches, and blossoms. This unique program fosters holistic growth and transformation within the family unit.

Here is an abridged outline:

Week 1: Discovering Your Roots

Introduction to the concept of inherited family conditioning and its far-reaching effects on family dynamics.

**Unearthing the Past- Weeding, Composting, Harvesting**

 Week 2: Nourishing the Soil

In-depth exploration of the interconnected aspects of cultivating compassionate care. Needs, Attachment, Sleep, Diet, Attention, Influences.

Week 3: Holistic Child Development- Whole Person, Whole Picture.

**High Nurturing - Growing the Holistic Child**

Comprehensive overview of high nurturing practices, focusing on responsive caregiving and creating a nurturing environment. Mindfulness techniques and emotional attunement exercises to strengthen the parent-child connection.

Week 4: Seven Blossoms - Achieving Balance and Wholeness

Embracing the Seven Blossoms. In-depth exploration of the seven interconnected aspects of balanced growth: physical, emotional, cognitive, natural, creative, social and spiritual health.

Week 5: Alchemizing Healing - Utilizing Tools for Transformation

Somatic exercises and Breathwork**- In-depth explanation of the connection between trauma, emotions, and the body's response.

Tools and techniques for emotional regulation and energetic hygiene and boundaries.

Week 6: Theta Healing Modality. Subconscious Renegotiation and Energetic Hygiene

Exploring the impact of subconscious beliefs on parenting and family dynamics.

Inner Child Healing**- Deep dive into inner child work, understanding how unresolved childhood wounds impact current parenting experiences.

Throughout the **Family Soul-ution Program**

Weekly nature-inspired themes and activities that promote a deep connection with the natural world.-

Guided journal prompts for self-reflection and personalized growth insights.-

Access to a private online community for sharing experiences, insights, and progress.

One-on-one coaching sessions to provide tailored strategies and support aligned with your family's unique needs.

By the conclusion of this transformative journey, you will have gained profound insights from your ancestral roots, nurtured holistic child development, and alchemized intergenerational wounds into catalysts for healing and growth. As a result, your family will blossom like seven interconnected facets, embodying harmonious balance and nurturing every aspect of self in a holistic, thriving family environment.


In Western society, when we hear the word “postpartum”, we often misinterpret it with negative associations, linking the term to
peri-natal mood disorders such as “depression”.

There are 3 pillars to the
Family Soul-ution

Holistic Child Development


Inner Work

Holistic Child Development

Early childhood is the most vital time in a child’s life and the health of the physical, emotional, and social development lays the foundation for a healthy brain, playing a critical role in shaping the total wellbeing of the individual.

Children are uninhibited, creative geniuses. They live in the realm of imagination, pictorial images and rich sensory aliveness. Birth-7 is also the age of imitation, they are witnessing how their grown-ups move through life, and everything they observe creates lasting imprints. Children do not have the same understanding of time, order and logic that we do as adults.

I strive to support parents in understanding the inner perspectives of children and how this lens can create an abundance of pleasure, creativity, calm and internal regulation with less undesirable behavioral patterns.

I will help you BRIDGE your worlds together so that life is more harmonic for you both, while being supportive of the needs and desires of both.

HeART- Fueled Parenting

In HeART-Fueled parenting we learn how to bridge, the inner-world of  the child to meet our needs as parents through our creativity, curiosity, care and cleverness. I help coach you so that you are proficient in meeting your children in a manner that feels peaceful, playful, positive and practical, supporting internal regulation for all. Please click on the HeART-fueled Parenting page to learn more.

Integrative Healing Arts

The real magic lies in our own personal growth, development and transformation. I have spent the last two decades as a professional in the Healing Arts and I am elated to share with you the most potent techniques and modalities that I have discovered. I will guide you through exercises that will uplift your mind/body and spirit through SOMATICS and SUBCONCIOUS exploration for Energetic Wellness and Spiritual Vitality. You will learn tools for mindfulness/mediation, somatic practices, bio-dynamic breathwork, energetic hygiene and boundaries as well as subconscious re-programing with Theta Healing.

Our own stress and overwhelm leaves an imprint on our children, which impedes our conscious connection to them. Without a deep and genuine effort to heal from our own generational traumas, cultural imprints and self limiting beliefs, we are stuck in loopholes, reducing our innate authenticity. These habitual patterns drive the way we interact with the world and how treat ourselves and others. How wonderful would it be if we could free ourselves from meeting the same triggers repeatedly? It is time for a METAMORPHOSIS.

What does a Family Soul-ution Look Like?

We typically dedicate three-90 min sessions for
Holistic Child Development & HeARTfueled Parenting.
The series is a process that will help you clearly define aspects
about your biography, your family and lineage, relationships,
lifestyle, schedule, values, desires that might not have come into
your conscious awareness. From these insights, we create simple,
practical change to enrich your lives collectively.
You will gain a deeper understanding of your internal family dynamics
and finish the sessions feeling empowered from the massive transformation.
In addition, we dedicate three-90 min sessions of
Integrative Wellness Practices so you have
multiple tools to de-escalate and regulate while inviting more peace.
To create lasting change, we utilize Advanced Theta Healing Technique
(to significantly transform your life from the inside out)

We Ask :

  • What do you want for your children and how can we tailor your unique family values to support your
    needs (body, mind, spirit) as well?
  • Where are you struggling and what would you like to strengthen? What has been stuck for you that you can't seem to shift?
  • Are your expectations for your child realistic, based on their appropriate developmental needs and their temperament?
    Together, we go through a questionnaire and locate areas of strengths and weaknesses in your current home and the home that you were raised in.

I Teach :

  • How to access a theta brain wave using a “roadmap” meditation to connect with Source.
  • How to uncover limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions.
  • How to shift/clear the undesired programs and witness the healing as we replace them with
    healthier, more empowered thoughts and feelings.
    I will guide you through somatic exercises, breathwork and mindfulness practices to help support you in challenging moments, strengthen your personal vitality and help you feel more harmonious in your family life.

We Explore :

  • Birth Imprints: those of your own birth and the birth of your child/ren
  • Inherited family trauma, patterns, and beliefs
  • Early childhood attachments and co-regualtion
  • Inner child, mother/father wounds and re-parenting needs- how to receive what you missed out on in childhood and unlearning unhealthy patterns of behaviors and communications
  • SOUL-UTIONS - Together, we discover what works for you and your family so that you feel more at peace, confident in yourself and your role as a parent, are able to create deeper connections with your child, and live a healthier, more sustainable existence for all.

My approach is relation-based, connected, responsive,
respectful of the child and their unique temperament, developmental
and emotional needs while honoring that the health of the
child can only be as healthy as their parent.

INVESTMENT IS THIS SERIES: 6 sessions (nine live hours) $1500
Payment can be made in full or in installments. This is an investment
in LINEAGE REPAIR whilst creating a LEGACY OF LOVE.

I also offer small group sessions ( open to 4 households) for $500 each.
Invite your friends and share in the magic of total transformation!
Next session begins October, 3rd at 6:00pm EST


"Ashley "Mama Yum" would come over a few times a week for a few hours. She would bring me the most nutritional and healthy food, she would give me tinctures, she would pray over me, she would listen to me, we would draw cards, she would massage me. She helped massage my stomach when I was so constipated from all the pain meds. She was an angel. And became more like a sister. Her knowledge was and continues to be inspiring. Of course I paid for her services, but I would have paid double. It was absolutely priceless. All the while I was falling deeper in love with my son. She is still my go to for child/mother questions, and will forever be a soul sister and a touchstone for me. "


" Wow. The tumor is definitely smaller. And feels very, very different to the touch! As soon as I saw my daughter, the energy between us was waayyyy different. She has been more lovey-dovey and it feels so easy between us. That was absolutely amazing work. I feel the difference definitely!!!! Hard to put into words but I am very, very grateful. The Theta session was instrumental on helping me get back on track."


"  I was remembering back to last year at this time, andfeeling lots of heart warmth and gratitude "You were also a wealth of information, knowledge and traditional wisdom about nurturing, holistic postpartum care, as, for example, you helped P adjust to new motherhood and brought in a colleague to help advise with lactation issues she was experiencing. And you also suggested P have an in-home session pre-birth with a specialist who helped P physically prepare for the birthing experience—I was amazed at what P learned, and I believe it contributed to the short amount of time P spent pushing before A arrived on the scene! Your devoted care of P and A last year was truly extraordinary. You prepared and brought wonderfully nourishing foods for P. You gently massaged her belly to put her in a relaxed state and speed the healing process, and you had many great recommendations for P’s further physical healing.  You are an amazing postpartum practitioner, Ashley. I am in awe of everything you did for us, and especially for P’s and A’s first precious postpartum weeks together. Your love and care were foundational to giving our family the most precious start on their journey as a new, young family. Words cannot really express my deep gratitude to you for all you did for us last year in those early weeks. I learned so much from you about how to be a supportive grandparent, even though that was not your mission. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️"

Client Name

"I attended a mama’s/women’s retreat afternoon that was facilitated by Ashley. I have attended many women’s circles over the years, and this was by far the most beautifully and thoughtfully organized. I am beyond grateful to Ashley and co-facilitator Jess for creating a safe and soulful container for us all to express, connect, explore, and integrate in community with one another. The somatic and self-reflection exercises that Ashley lead us through taught me new skills to support me in processing and regulating my own emotions so that I can show up as a more whole-hearted and embodied woman for myself, my family, and my community. "


"If you are searching for real magic, wondering how to "do the work", or looking for ways to get out of negative patterns and loops in your life, it is here. Ashley is so knowledgeable, intuitive, and nurturing in her guidance and presence. She generously offers new ways of being. I have seen real shifts in my energy and reflected in my life from just one session."


"Mama is officially outside of her most tender 2 week window and let me tell you.....I feel amazing! My bleeding is gone, my energy levels are up, my hormones feel stable and I can quickly feel my body gaining strength each day. Without a doubt, I contribute this to a very strict postpartum plan I developed and that care that I have received. A very special shout out to my postpartum practitioner Ashley of Raising Our Rootz who has poured so much love and energy into me. Her tender, loving care and my complete gratitude can not be put into words."


"Ashley is a divine human being. I felt deeply cared for and nurtured by her during our Theta Healing session. Deeply intuitive and insightful into the deeper patterns I am working with and helping remove blocks in my life to live my full potential. I highly recommend her for Theta Healing and for any workshop she offers. She is a gift to the world and all she touches."


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